Location: Namibia

Leylandsdrift Camp is accessible through the Schoeman’s company, Skeleton Coast Safaris. In May 2011, Leylandsdrift Camp was built to replace the original camp used by the Schoeman’s in this area; Purros Camp. Bordering the Skeleton Coast National Park, the camp is approximately 19 km west of the original Purros Camp. Leylandsdrift Camp is found in the heart of Kaokoland (Kunene region) about 40 km from the village of Purros (Puros) itself. Being located on the banks of the ephemeral Hoarusib River, Leylandsdrift has great views over the river valley that is frequented by a variety of species including desert adapted elephant, a small lion population and more recently a small number of trans-located black rhino. Rhino sightings are rare but tracks can be spotted in the river clay.
The design of the camp is pretty simple; however it is comfortable and well equipped. Meals are served in the small central area and drinks are enjoyed around the warming evening fire. Each new tent is raised up on a wooden deck and enjoys dramatic views down the valley.
After breakfast, visitors usually set out to explore the beautiful river valley which offers a critical source of shade and water for many of the local wildlife species. The drives conducted in the Hoarusib River Valley also provide the opportunity to explore some of the more unusual features of the area which include towering clay ‘castles’.