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This two week itinerary combines some of Namibia’s most incredible walking trails, with some of the obscure vineyards, craft breweries and Gin distilleries in Namibia.

Your journey starts exploring the Naukluft Mountains, close to Sossusvlei; which is home to the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, en route to Sossusvlei visit the Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate, established in 1894, this 14,400 hectare farm is situated along a geographical fault line, which includes five natural springs which sustain the vineyards.

From here you will continue on to Sossusvlei, where you will spend days exploring the dunes and crossing one of the local landmark mountains.

From Sossusvlei you head to Swakopmund and spend time learning how to ride a fat bike and then spend the afternoon learning about the local craft breweries, Gin distilleries and even coffee roasters! Sampling the delights is an absolute must!

Heading north, you spend three nights in the Etendeka Mountains, hiking in and exploring some if the most pristine wilderness areas left in Namibia.

From here, you spend two nights close to Omaruru, with the opportunity to visit the Kristal kellerei, or a 30 minute walk through the vine garden, the prickly pear patch, the Distillery and the “wine cellar”. We say “vine garden” as the vineyard is rather small (2,8ha) ! The tasting of our products is performed either in the garden or in our cosy tasting facilities


  • Buellsport walking trails
  • Sossusvlei
  • Hiking in the Namib Naukluft
  • Wine tasting in the desert
  • Swakopmund
  • Fat Biking
  • Gin, Craft beer, coffee and olives
  • Etendeka trails and fly camps
  • Erongo Wilderness
  • … and more wine tasting!

Full Day by Day Itinerary


Day 1 – Arrival in the Capital


Today you will be met at the airport by our transfer driver. The drive into Windhoek takes around 45 minutes, so you can relax in air-conditioned luxury and enjoy the scenery on the way to your first destination!

Originally built in 1901, the historical house was established when the Klein Windhoek valley was mostly covered by grass and bush, with just a few houses and footpaths in between. At Am Weinberg Estate however, the slopes were covered by rows of vines oriented in a north/south direction to allow the vines an even sunlight distribution. The hillside vineyards were known for being difficult to work with but the extreme conditions suited the vines, with their roots drawing deeply on the land’s mineral content. In later years the garden, with its own warm water spring, was used for growing vegetables and flowers and keeping geese and fowls. Lovingly restored, the house was opened as the Am Weinberg Restaurant in August 2004. The Am Weinberg hotel was opened in 2018.

Destination: Windhoek

Days 2 & 3 – Exploring the Naukluft


Bullsport is one of the oldest farms in Namibia. It is situated 250km southwest of Windhoek and is rich in history, wildlife and bird life. The fascinating Naukluft Mountain range invites you to discover its’ hidden riches on foot or on horse-back, this area is a true hiking and horse-riding paradise.

Quiver trees, clear rock pools, mountain zebras and rare klipspringer antelope can be found here, as well as the smaller aspects of beautiful flowers and bird life. The guest farm offers breath-taking guided 4×4 excursions onto the Naukluft Plateau, and a wide selection of hiking and horse riding options.

On day 3

This hike takes around 5.5 hours to complete, and a guide will drive you to the starting point in a 4×4. Enjoy amazing vistas, rocky mountain views and the beautiful quiver tree gorge. When you reach the gorge, you should see the first rock pools and small streams. A very special and interesting vegetation type opens up here. The animal kingdom is diverse: different bird species, rock dassie, klipspringer antelope, baboons, insects like big hornets or dragonflies, and if you are ‘lucky’ you can also meet “Amanda” the gorge’s resident spitting cobra! In the pools you can see some water bugs, toads, frogs and their tadpoles. You will be picked up again at the end of your hike, to return to the lodge for a relaxing afternoon and maybe a well-earned swim in the pool.

Destination: Northern Naukluft

Days 4 – 6: Sossusvlei and Surrounds


En route from Buellsport stop off at Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate. Established in 1894 this estate comprises the vineyards, as well as ancient canyons and fascinating geological formations. They produce around 15,000 bottles of wine per annum, including Colombard, Pinotage, Tannat, Durif, Red Muscadel and Ruby Cabernet.

Deep in the 7000ha nature reserve of Desert Homestead Lodge, the Outpost offers relaxed hospitality with a natural atmosphere.

Before sunrise, the hike will start after an ‘early bird’ breakfast. The first leg consists of crossing the local landmark mountain. You will follow a canyon to the mountain saddle. Light climbing will be necessary here. After one to one and a half hours, the saddle will be reached just as the sun comes up. Enjoy a first rest while watching the sun rise over the red Namib dunes covering the horizon. On the other side of the mountain, the trail follows a dry river course. Sand-filled wash-outs and smoothened granite rocks bear witness of the amounts of water that must have plunged down here during the rainy season for millions of years, shaping this impressive landscape. The vast savannah at the bottom offers some grass for feeding oryx and springboks, zebras and ostriches. With lots of luck, cheetah or even a leopard may be spotted! You will follow a tributary of the Tsauchab River with camelthorn trees scattered on its banks.

After approximately 2 hours, you will reach the bottom of the next mountain. You will rest on an elevation on the bottom of the mountain in the red hot Namib sand stirred up from the dunes. Your trail snakes up an old path used by mountain zebras leading up to the ridge. The view is magnificent. With a little luck, mountain zebras may even be spotted. You will follow a mountain trail to a canyon. After the descent, the Desert Homestead Outpost will be reached where warm hospitality and cool refreshments will be waiting. You should arrive at the lodge around noon. You can occupy your room and spend the afternoon with all the amenities the lodge has to offer. It is part of the service for the lodge to transport your car and luggage from the Desert Homestead Lodge to the Outpost.
You also have the time to explore the world renowned Sossusvlei while you are staying at Desert Homestead, either self-guided or with the lodge.


Days 7 & 8: Swakopmund and surrounds


With its extensive and entertaining restaurants, bars, lounges, deli, sea facing terraces and conference & banqueting centre the Strand Hotel is destined to become the social epicentre of Swakopmund.  Uniquely located on the iconic and historic Swakopmund Mole, and surrounded on three sides by the Southern Atlantic Ocean, its’ 125 rooms and suites offer the finest uninterrupted sea views available anywhere in this quaint historic town.

During your time in this coastal town you will have the opportunity of fat biking;

An opportunity to explore the vast sea of dunes in their backyard suddenly became possible without the need for motorised vehicles or having to walk far… which also excited them as they strive to have as little impact on this fragile, natural habitat as possible. Not only do the balloon-like tyres allow for almost effortless floating over pebbles and sand but because of a wider contact area, the rider’s weight is more widely spread and a fat bike’s tracks are far shallower than even footprints – making it the most ecological way to explore Namibia’s delicate desert. They also hope to instil an appreciation and respect for the Namib Desert habitat and its vast animal and plant life.

This is a unique ‘must do’ Swakopmund experience. You will get to experience the breath-taking scenery of the oldest desert in the world in a fully ecological way without noise or air pollution, and even riding up along the top of Namibia’s famous dunes from which you will enjoy amazing views of the desert, the ocean and Swakopmund. This tour is also suitable for the not-so-fit or inexperienced rider – if you can walk up a dune, you can cycle up a dune!

and in the afternoon, experience some local delicacies;

Local products are trendy, more sustainable, creative and fun. Discover some of the products grown and prepared by passionate locals.

At nearby farms we delve into the secrets of the ancient Jojoba oil, the endemic !Nara oil and visit an olive grove.

We explore a coffee roastery, do tastings of Swakopmund craft beer and gin while snacking on some delicious local snacks.

Destination: Swakopmund

Days 9 – 11: Hiking in the wilderness

Etendeka Hiking Trails

Etendeka – the land of the layered hills, the land of wide open spaces, rugged natural beauty and vistas that go on forever. The Etendeka Tourist Concession comprises an area of 50,000ha in the foothills of the Grootberg on the edge of the rocky Namib Desert. The ancient basalt has been eroded into a dramatic landscape of flat-topped hills and plains strewn with weathered boulders.

Join some of Namibia’s most experienced and knowledgeable guides as they introduce you to the incredible life that lies largely hidden in this seemingly harsh but breathtaking landscape. With magnificent views of the ancient Etendeka basalt lava flows and flat top mountains, these rocky plains are home to an array of desert adapted plants and animals. The passionate local guides know the area intimately and will share anecdotes and information about this geologically rich and diverse environment. Track through dry Mopani shaded river beds and past other-worldly rocky outcrops as our guides identify spoor, indigenous animal, bird and plant species. Exploring this terrain on foot is a heightened and invigorating meeting of man and nature.

Destination: Damaraland

Days 12 & 13 – Bouldering and Granite Outcrops

Erongo Wilderness Lodge

The lodge is set in the foothills of the Erongo Mountains on the edge of the enormous Erongo Crater.  A small, 10-room lodge, Erongo blends into the surrounding boulder-strewn landscape.  The rooms are all linked by walkways meandering between the boulders, overlooked by the main lodge building perched above.

Guided walks are included each day, in the morning and the afternoon, the camp also offers self-guided walking trails and optional guided nature drives into the 200,000 ha conservation area.  Birding is one of the main attractions with 48 different species been sighted in the immediate vicinity, including Black Eagle, Rosy Faced Lovebird & Ruppell’s Parrot.

During your stay, you can visit the 3.5 hectare Kristal kellerei, for a 30 minute walk through the vine garden, the prickly pear patch, the Distillery and the “wine cellar”.  Varietals include; Colombard, and a cuve red wine; together with a host of fine spirits!


Day 14 – Wishing you a fond Good bye!


Today you make your way back to Windhoek and the International Airport for your onward journey!

Destination: Windhoek


  • Transfers as stipulated
  • Vehicle Hire & Activities, as stipulated
  • Meals as stipulated