Role: Consultant

Vanasha was born in South Africa and grew up in New Zealand which meant that she grew up travelling and experiencing many different places. When she finished school she studied at The International Travel and Tourism college, and decided to travel back to her ‘motherland’ when she graduated.

This was when her pioneering spirit ‘discovered’ Namibia while visiting for a couple of weeks, and she fell in love with its beauty. This visit prompted her to settle in Namibia a few years later and the rest is history. Vanasha has been with ATI for two years now and goes to sleep dreaming of flight re-confirmations and information packs.

How did you get into tourism: Travel and tourism was offered as a subject at school and I fell in love with industry then.

What is your ‘must have’ travel item: Would beer count?

What is your favourite holiday destination:‎ Rotorua (New Zealand), Malaysia & the Gold Coast.

A quote to live by‎: I am who I am.

What meal could you eat everyday: Mash potatoes hmmm.

Tell us something interesting or unusual: I would say sitting on a plane from Hong Kong which was heading to New Zealand, and being asked by a passenger who already had a few drinks in him where the plane was flying to.