Role: Cheering Squad and causers of General Mayhem

When David and Charlotte decided it was time for more children, they turned to the SPCA and brought home an adorable blonde Labrador cross puppy.  The old, scraggly dog ended up in the car by mistake.

Subsequently, it has emerged that Tali is part Labrador, part horse; as this eternal teenager is all gangly legs, waggy tail, and stands tall enough to rest her head on the desk. She has been known to randomly walk into electrical fences and chase her own shadow.

Balu was recently entered into a ‘recognise the animal by its eye’ competition, and was identified as a Wild Dog. This once proud, free-roaming master of stealth has well and truly found his home and is happiest when lying still, farting and snoring under his Dad’s desk.

Balu, what meal could you eat everyday: Anything that I can reach, and eat before I’m caught.

Tali, what do you like to get up to in your spare time: I enjoy barking at tree mice, chasing my own tail and annoying the guinea pigs.