Role: Administration Assistant

Samora is our Wetu wizard, who ensures that all client itineraries and road directions are top-notch. Born and raised in Windhoek, he is looking forward to owning his first pet.

He joined ATI holidays in 2019 few months after he returned back to his mother land from the United States, where he spent 3 months. During this stay in the States, he was able to travel to few states. His highlight was Orlando, Disney Walt.

I consider myself as a calm and easy to work with person. In my free time, you can find me outdoors with friends and family. I love sunsets & sunrises- just how it paints its oranges and reds all over the sky ☺ My everyday motto is “every little thing matter’s’.

I am currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in tourism management at NUST. I still can’t figure how I got into the tourism industry because at some point, I was always an archetypal science student that wanted to persuade a degree in science.

Are you loud, outgoing or shy?


If You Had A Warning Label, What Would Yours Say?

Comes with jokes & sarcasm☺

What Fact Are You Really Surprised That More People Don’t Know About?

The brain named itself- that’s now funny

Would you rather take a trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Bottom of the ocean, to discover wreckages from the 1800’s

Why should people visit Namibia?

Namibia is an all year destination with landscapes that changes every km, which makes it a unique travel destination.

What is your favorite Namibian destination and why?

Northwestern coastal side of Namibia is so far my favorite destination, it’s a blend of the ocean, the desert (with its adapted wildlife), rivers, waterfalls, sunsets & rises. And don’t forget the sunsets. It gives you a sense of melting into the environment ☺