Role: Accounts Assistant

Born and Bred in Namibia, he’s been here for the longest time. He briefly sojourned in South Africa for his studies and then waddled his way straight home again after completing his degree in film and theatre.

Rene joined ATI in October 2019.

High on his hopes to break into the creative industry, he started working office jobs to maintain an income while chipping away at passion projects after hours.

While those passion projects are fleeting, he’s quite content at ATI, attempting to annoy his co-workers. 🙂

Are you loud, outgoing or shy?

Loud. Very, very loud.

If You Could Breed Two Animals Together to Defy the Laws of Nature What New Animal Would You Create?

A Spiderfly. As many legs and the temperament of a spider, but with big, beautiful wings and no sense of direction, like a butterfly. I think I’d rather like it as the world’s most ineffective predator.

What’s Something Weird That You Recommend Everyone Tries At Least Once?

I think it’s vital that everybody kisses a frog once in their life. With enough of us participating in the fabled ritual, we’re bound to find a prince eventually.

What is your ‘must have’ travel items?

I think I’d get very lost without a map. A map is a must-have. And also, perhaps, I would take along somebody who can read maps.

Describe your first day at ATI.

I have a long and complicated history with doors, and my lasting impression of my first day here involves struggling with main door for a few minutes while Mark, through the glass, stares back at me, like a resigned father letting the child figure it out for himself.

I didn’t. Thankfully, Moebasen was there to help me. It’s okay, though, I can handle the door now