Role: Receptionist

Moebasen Gaoses is Half Namibian/ Half Dutch. Her Namibian Heritage is broken up into two different cultures as her father is both Oshiwambo and Damara. In depth one could Say she is Oshiwambo/Damara/Dutch!

She grew up in Namibia and finished High school at St. Paul’s College in 2011. She then moved to Holland for two years. Moebasen studied at the Hague Hotel School and learnt a lot about the hospitality Industry, this in turn directed her to transfer her credits to Logistics and supply chain management. Why? She felt that Logistics deals with Customer satisfaction, regardless of which industry you find yourself in, “the main aim of logistics is to ensure customers are pleased with the service or product you provide. Studying logistics allows me exercise & perfect my skills in customer satisfaction, while still being able to choose which industry I work in”. She is currently at NUST and learns a great deal from this course, which she is able to translate in her daily tasks here at ATI- Holidays.

How did you get into tourism: Through travelling

What is your favorite holiday destination: The Caribbean – Sint Maarten

A quote to live by: Train your mind to see the good in everything

What meal could you eat every day: Sushi