Role: Accounts Guru

Megan is our Resident Accounts Guru. She heads the accounts department and answers directly to Charlotte, the Financial Director. She tries to keep tabs on ALL of our bookings, the invoicing, the payments, the income and spends her spare time updating our financials on Pastel and doing our monthly management accounts, while trying to remember important dates for year end, provisional tax and VAT submissions!

Megan grew up in the Cape Winelands in the south of South Africa. While studying Science at the University of Stellenbosch, she met a boy from Namibia, who she would later marry and follow, to what she now calls, home.

February 2014, she started at ATI as Charlotte’s right hand woman, with little knowledge of Namibia and still very much a city girl.

These days, she still hides in the Accounts Department, but her love for, and knowledge of, the country is definitely not what it used to be. As her role at ATI has grown, so has her love for Namibia and travel. She loves the dusty roads, the animals, especially the elephant, the wide-open spaces and the never-ending sunshine!

She has also traded her Science degree for a degree in Accounting, which she is currently completing at the Namibian University of Science and Technology.

Oh, and she would choose a game drive and a good G&T over the city any day!

If You Had A Warning Label, What Would Yours Say?

Pretends to know things about numbers and threatens to stab people!

If You Could Only Eat One Food for The Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Does gin count as food? No? Well then I’d say chocolate.. that doesn’t count either? Fine, a burger, but only if it comes with chips (and cake, can there be cake)?!

Would You Rather Have to Permanently Give Up Salts or Sweets?

What are salts and why do we need them?

What is your favourite Namibian destination and why?

Etosha! It never gets old, no visit ever equates to any other and there is just something about losing yourself in a National Park, never knowing what animal you can run into next, that speaks volumes to the soul.

Why should people visit Namibia?

Refer to answer above.