Role: Accounts Guru

Megan joined the team as Charlotte’s right hand woman in February 2014 and quickly learned the ropes. Megan is another one of our South African imports but moved to Namibia after finishing her university degree. She is currently doing her Honours degree in Business Administration. This is her first foray into tourism and she is still smiling and telling the two office dogs off for drinking out of the fish pond. Megan is responsible for paying all our bills on time, no mean feat, and has endless patience with David & Charlotte’s children when they come into the office to ‘help’ during the school holidays.

What is your ‘must have’ travel item: Snacks- because any trip without a bag of snacks is just a car ride!

If you were a super-hero what would your name and super power be:

Name-Doctor Delicious

Power-I would have a weapon called a Sugar Ray Gun, which turns things into sweet treats. I would drive the Candy Van and have Gummy Bear minions. Cake Fridays in the office would never be the same again.

Tell us something about you: My calculator is never very far away…ever… whether I’m at work or not.  Also, I like exercise almost as much as I like eating.

What is your favourite book and/or movie: I prefer series and sitcoms: Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Game of Thrones, you name it! My favourite is generally the one I’m currently watching.

A quote to live by: This too shall pass.