Role: Marketing Manager

Margo joined the ATI Holidays team in April 2011 in the newly created position of marketing manager.

Margo was born into conservation and tourism in Namibia, spending her formative years living in various National Parks around the country, including Etosha where her parents worked for nature conservation in the rest camps.

After finishing high school and her studies Margo spent a number of years travelling through South Africa and Europe, working first in the golfing industry and then deciding to take a much more serious stance on life – in the actuarial department of an international insurance company…

Eight years later Margo found herself moving back to her home country and ‘accidentally’ pursuing a career in tourism. She first established and headed up the MICE division for a Namibian tour operator before being head-hunted to join an Italian specialist ground handler, and then eventually finding her niche at ATI Holidays.

What’s Something Weird That You Recommend Everyone Tries At Least Once?

EVERYONE should step outside of their comfort zone. Do something brave, that scares you. Whether it is hanging off the side of a cliff (in a harness), learning a new skill or letting someone see the vulnerable you. That is where they say life begins!

If You Had A Warning Label, What Would Yours Say?

I would probably go with something like: Warning, does not deal well with incompetence. And the worst thing is that I cannot even make my face hide my emotions, I am a terrible liar!!!!

What is your ‘must have’ travel items?

Dental floss, bizarrely… besides the obvious use, you can use it as emergency shoe laces or even a belt…. But probably easier just to go to the nearest store and buy a replacement belt…

Describe your first day at ATI.

I actually remember my interview better than my first day of work. I had been made redundant by my previous company, and my CV was 3 years out of date. David and Charlotte invited me to come in for a chat. I didn’t have a CV and the ‘chat’ lasted so long that my husband thought I had been in an accident because I wasn’t answering my phone. It was all a whirlwind, and the Friday before I started working at ATI, I went on my first educational for the company (so my start date has always been a bit contentious) with David and Charlotte claiming that they never actually offered me the job, I just pitched up one day, and they felt too bad to send me away.

A quote to live by: It’s better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.