Role: Chauffeur Driver

Lucas comes to us from the small town of Rundu, where he was born and completed his secondary education. Since he always wanted to work in the tourism industry he joined Namib Sky Balloon Safaris as a driver to start off his journey, and then joined the in-house training team as a nature guide; he spent a year here before he moved to what was then known as CC Africa (AndBeyond) as a trainee field ranger. Upon completion of his training there Lucas joined Wolwedans/NamibRand Safaris as a junior guide. Here he rose through the ranks until he was promoted to head guide.

Wolwedans recognised Lucas’ potential and he did leadership training through their foundation. Upon completion of his course Lucas was in charge of 14 field guides and a fleet of 15 vehicles. Lucas was with Wolwedans for six years and he left for Windhoek to further his studies in Business Management before joining the team at ATI Holidays. Lucas and ‘Molly’, his Mercedes Benz, make sure that clients start their Namibian Safari off in grand style!

Where is your favorite place in the world, and why?:

Namibia, less populated, peaceful and breath-taking sceneries.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst working in tourism?

One day, I was out on a full day tour in the NamibRand, and I had prepared food for lunch, meanwhile, forgetting to pack any cutlery. I only realised that when I sat down with my guests for lunch we ended up eating with our hands!

If You Could Only Eat One Food for The Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?


If You Got Stuck in An Elevator and Were Forced to Listen to Only One Song, What Would It Be?

Jerusalem by Master KG (South Africa)

What Fact Are You Really Surprised That More People Don’t Know About?

I can be a comedian

Where do you see Namibia’s tourism in 5 years’ time?

Increase by 4.5% and become diversity in offering service and products – first option for most travelers.

What is your favorite Namibian destination and why?

Sossusvlei – I like the vast space that is covered in sand dunes and enjoy a thrilling slide back-down.