Role: Admin Assistant

Grace was born in one of Namibia’s central town called Otjiwarongo.

A teacher in the making far fetch from the tourism world but she is an ambitious, strong woman and can handle the best of both worlds.

Grace joined ATI in month 2019 after being employed by Rivendell Guesthouse in Windhoek, where she grasped vast interest in the Tourism industry.

I always keep an open mind, ready and willing to learn. I am a very friendly person, never a gloomy moment  with me around.

Are you loud, outgoing or shy?

Definitely shy. Love trying out new thing and love the sound of my own voice 😊!!!!

If You Could Breed Two Animals Together to Defy the Laws of Nature What New Animal Would You Create?

It would be shark and Dolphin, I would brink strength, speed and Intelligence together and my animal would be called a shadol 😊!

Describe your first day at ATI.

I had to act like I knew what I was getting myself into, coz everyone else is well knowledge.

What is your favorite Namibian destination and why?

Will always be the Etosha Nation Park.