Role: Marketing Assistant

Born & bred Namibian. After completing her secondary education, shed pursed a bachelor’s degree in journalism and Communication and later a postgraduate Honours degree in Communication both from the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Frieda worked in various marketing and communication departments in the corporate world before realizing that for work to be productive, one should enjoy and love what they do. She joined ATI in January 2020.

Well I am still a newbie finding my way and loving it so far. Did I mention we have yoga Wednesdays at the office”?

I am a social, open-minded, bibliophile who enjoys having good time with friends and meeting people over a glass of wine 😊. I love vlogging, travelling and shopping. Besides the afore-mention interests, ethical cultures, traditions and lifestyles are as well some of them.

If You Could Breed Two Animals Together to Defy the Laws of Nature What New Animal Would You Create?

A Whale and Elephant, I’m really just curious to see what the world’s biggest sized animals with largest brains have to offer… Will they be smarter than humans?

If You Had A Warning Label, What Would Yours Say?


Would You Rather Have to Permanently Give Up Salts or Sweets?

I would give up sweets… I’m not a sweet tooth typer girl.

What is your ‘must have’ travel items?

Camera, Sunglasses, Sunscreen and great company.

Where do you see Namibia’s tourism in 5 years’ time?

Booming and as usual, contributing to the country’s GDP. More digital transformation allowing effective customer services and a great destination to many. More safe roads.