Role: Admin Assistant

Having been manager of ATI’s sister company for about 10 years, (Rivendell Guesthouse) Erika has worked her way to being an expert in guest relations. In her own words :  “I see myself as an introvert, very private person but love people and animals, very soft spoken(literally, I have a quiet voice)”.

How did you get into tourism

I was born into tourism, both my parents worked for the then “Natuurbewarings Ministerie”(Nature Conservation in the GRN before independence) They worked at Ai-Ais Resort and that’s where I grew up and started my first job with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and then moved over to NWR, worked with them for almost 8 years, then moved to the Windhoek and worked in a Hotel for 2 years then tried something outside the industry and it did not work, that where I found Rivendell and I was back in the Industry😊


Your must-have travel items

I haven’t travelled a lot, I have been to the Fish River Canyon and worked in the Namib Naukluft Park, Sesriem to be specific and it is breath-taking and a place I would visit over and over, especially Dead Vlei.


Why should people visit Namibia

Why should people NOT visit Namibia, this country is a visitors paradise, its just beautiful from top to bottom and complete different experience in every area


Your fondest client memory/ or a funny experience you’ve had working in tourism

My fondest client memory will always be the time I worked at Rivendell, I have met so many different people and connected with all of them on many many different ways and each connection was special and dear that I remember most of their faces and names and I believe they remember me as well( well I hope so).  To tell them all that Rivendell will not exist anymore is so hard to do without tearing up.