Role: Consultant

Cajo Lenaerts is originally from Belgium and moved to Namibia in 2018 with his Namibian wife and their two kids.

Cajo did not follow the `normal` path to end up in the tourism business, as he studied something totally different, political science. His Master thesis was about Namibian politics. And After some work adventures in the Belgian private sector, he ended up at the Namibian Embassy in Brussels, where he was amongst others, answering questions from tourists and organizing business trips. His passion for Namibia grew and that is why he and his little family decided to take the adventurous step to move (back) to Namibia, A step he does not regret so far!

Would You Rather Have Skin That Changes Colour Based on Your Emotions or Tattoos Appear All Over Your Body Depicting What You Did Yesterday?

Skin hat changes colour, then you don`t need to explain your feelings anymore as it is already visual.

If You Got Stuck in An Elevator and Were Forced to Listen to Only One Song, What Would It Be? Timeless from Goldie. It is 21 minutes long, so you would get more variety when choosing a 3-minute song 😊, plus it brings you in another atmosphere then the elevator.

What is your ‘must have’ travel items?

A coolbox, so that you have cold water. But if you want, you can also stock some beer in it 😉. It is not for nothing that a Namibian artist made a song called Where is my coolbox?

Why should people visit Namibia?

Two main reasons;

Firstly there are huge variety from which tourists can experience in wildlife, landscapes, climate, culture, birding, experiences,… You`ll never have a dull moment and every day is different.

Secondly, the ease of travel. It is easy to drive around with the good roads (the main roads are better than the one`s of my home country), service stations all over (always stocked with fuel, but also with the needed padkos) and friendly English-speaking population.

A quote to live by?

Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright’ (B. Marley)