Role: Consultant

I was born in northern Namibia on the 22nd of August 1994, specifically Oshakati where I spent most of my infant years, raised by a single mother. We soon after relocated to Walvis Bay where I spent most of my youth.

After my mom got a transfer to Swakopmund for a very prominent position, this was our home for a couple of years until we moved to Gobabis and spent a year in the farming based town.

Many would think this would be the end of the constant relocation, however this would not be the case.

Our final move had us setting our sails for Walvis Bay where I finished my matric at The International School of Walvis Bay.

Besides helping clients plan the holiday of a lifetime, I am an avid music nerd an enjoy part time dj-ing as well as photography.


How did you get into tourism – I had tourism management as a subject in high school, I then took on the Tourism Management Degree at Unam which I am currently still in the process of completing.

After I got my first ever job at a Tour Operator, I learned more about the country and started travelling, which just fuelled my Love for Namibia  and what we have to offer.

I might be way off here, but maybe my constant relocation birthed my admiration of Namibia and my wanderlust?


Your must-have travel items – My camera and of course companion (s) to share the experiences with 😊

A fact about yourself that people may not know – I would literally lose my mind if all music ceased to exit. I feel like it is food for the soul and without a pure, functioning soul – How much of a human being are you?

Why should people visit Namibia – Namibia offers a unique, unparalleled vastness of beautiful landscapes, people and culture. Besides boasting some of the best roads and being one of the safest countries in the world.

Your fondest client memory/ or a funny experience you’ve had working in tourism – My fondest memory would have to be when our office cat decided that it would be quite fitting to perfectly time the arrival of my guests, so he could hop on my desk and gift us a bird which he had caught (I didn’t ask him how or where he got it) – Thankfully, the client was a cat lover and didn’t care much about getting feathers all over him.

This made for a great opener when the client eventually emailed me to confirm the booking later that day.