Role: Admin Assistant & Guest Liaison

Starting out as an intern for six months in 2021, Angeline is another new member of the pirate crew. Born in Windhoek in 2000, she is a young, innovative and fresh addition to the team. She studied a Bachelor of Tourism, Innovation and Development degree at Namibia University of Science and Technology, and is looking forward to graduating in 2022.


A short backstory about yourself

I come from a very large family, and we are all artistic in our own way. I’m a student of the world – always learning and developing myself. I enjoy reading, travel (obviously) , and listening to music. My interests also include art, history and literature. I studied my bachelor’s degree from 2019-2021, and started out my internship in July of my final year.

How did you get into tourism?

I’m a bit of a nerd… I had a conversation with my mom when I was in 9th grade regarding what I should study (four years after that conversation!) , and we’ve always loved travel and creating tours and holidays so she mentioned tourism. I did some research and just went for it once I finished high school.

Your must-have travel items

A good book, earphones (because I have to listen to music everyday) and sour worms !

A fact about yourself that people may not know?

I’m a history nerd – I love learning about Egyptology,archaeology linguistical history and cultural anthrophology. I can see myself pursuing a degree in either of those in the near future.

Why should people visit Namibia?

If you’re an introvert like me, the wide open spaces and tiny population make life amazing! It’s so relaxed here, and we have some of the most diverse and incredible landscapes on the planet.

A quote you live by?

“Shine like the sun, you’re truly blessed.”