We enjoyed a wonderful and well organised trip in this exotic, dry and wild country. All arrangements worked very well, locations were great from the enjoyment of the countryside point of view (even though accommodation was sometimes not good), and we saw everything we hoped to see. Highlights include the Epupa Falls, Etendeka (lodge, location, people, accommodation and general ambiance), Swakopmund and the Cornerstone Guesthouse (an oasis of comfort and homeliness), the Kristal Museum, Welwitschias, and Homestead Lodge and the Naukluft Park dunes! The Ford Ranger performed superbly, comfortable and no squeaks. We appreciated the folder of information about our trip with maps and brochures (with some typos in the itinerary handout), the cooler box ATI supplied, the emergency phone, being met at the airport and having some 1 on 1 time with David Cartwright at the start of the trip which helped put things into perspective. Although Epupa is extraordinary, and in my mind competition for Iguazu Falls, Etendeka was near perfect. Bonny /Awarab is an extraordinary person and was a major reason for our enjoyment of Etendeka. Bonny ia a linguist, historian, raconteur, teacher, biologist and all round gentleman. Dennis Liebenberg (including his warm and friendly family) is the other reason this stay was so memorable. We saw an Aardwolf while driving away from the Lodge. Old, mature and well developed warf Mopane, surviving on a few millimeters of rain a year and thus earning my considerable respect, dot the terrain. The Kristal Museum in Swakopmund is a must for most people. We had wonderful weather – major heavy rain in Etosha (a rare sight), cool temperatures except for 2 days, lots of sunshine, beautiful dawns and sunsets. All guides, except one at Twyfelfontein, were engaging and knowledgeable.
A fabulous trip. Thanks to all involved.