This area of Namibia is one of the least accessible, and remains refreshingly untouched. The region lies to the north west of Etosha and is a vast and mountainous wilderness with a sparse population and few roads. Kaokoland is home to the ancient Himba tribe who are known for the ochre paste that they paint over their bodies. This area is best reached with an organised tour, or in the company of other vehicles due to the remote and changeable terrain. The land to the north of the Huab and Ugab Rivers is one of the only areas where endangered animals are still found outside the countries’ protected parks and reserves.

Here rhino can still be found, along with lion, giraffe, several antelope species, ostrich, mountain zebra and desert elephant.

It has been suggested that the desert elephant with their elongated legs and remarkable tolerance for this dry area may be a separate, and very rare, sub-species.

The Kunene River offers opportunities for rafting, canoeing or simply relaxing. The Epupa Falls are made up of a series of beautiful cascades of water flowing to still pools which offer relatively safe areas for swimming or just cooling off!

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