Location: Botswana

Xaro Lodge is a sister lodge of Drotsky’s Cabins and is also situated near Shakawe, Botswana, in the western panhandle of the Okavango Delta. The lodge is a must visit for birding enthusiasts. Species that are spotted regularly include the Pel’s fishing owl, skimmers, carmine bee eaters, egrets, herons, kingfishers and boubous. The river boasts seventeen species of fish, most notable are the tiger fish and bream. Xaro Lodge offers boating cruises, on which guests have the opportunity to see hippos, crocodiles and might even be lucky enough to sight the elusive sitatunga. At Xaro Lodge meals are served in the dining room. After dinner cigars and brandy around the campfire or in the bar are bound to spark memorable conversations. On hot days the swimming pool offers a welcome respite.